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Grand Rapids Dining
Famous Dave's Barbeque 
30th-Nov-2005 08:31 am
Famous Dave's Barbeque
4505 Canal Avenue
Grandville, MI 49418
Phone: 616.301.7711
Fax: 616.301.7717

30th-Nov-2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
Food: Their menu has the usual, ribs, steak, bbq chicken, brisket, etc. I ordered the bbq chicken sandwish with fries. It was alright, not very remarkable. The thing that I was most disappointed with was that they had 6 bbq sauces on the table and none of them tasted good to me.

Service: The server was attentive. Greeted quickly, got our drinks and refills quickly. But I think that it's notorious that servers are slow on bringing/processing the bill.

Atmosphere: The place was decorated with red/white checkered table clothes, old cooking items (pots, pans, kettles, etc) on the wall. I got the general impression of being in a barn type structure. The table was clean accept for the 6 bbq sauces which were kept in a cardboard carrier for a six pack of beer/soda pop. It was a very cute idea, but the box was filthy from bbq slopped over the sides of the bottles then the box had absorbed it.

Value: I didn't leave with an empty stomach but it wasn't because the food was excellent. For the price, it's a little high considering the unremarkable food.
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