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Grand Rapids Dining
Blue Ginger Asian Kitchen 
28th-Jun-2009 04:29 pm
Blue Ginger Asian Kitchen
5751 Byron Center Road
(Bayberry Market)
Wyoming, MI 49509

(616) 261-8186
(616) 261-8016: FAX
28th-Jun-2009 08:39 pm (UTC)
Food: Every item I have tried off the menu I have really enjoyed. They have a wide variety of options and a nice vegetarian selection. I like the family style bean curd a lot.

Service: Everytime we've gone, Shawn has been our server. He's attentive, polite, quick with our food and has a great sense of humor. The host is always prompt as well. He also picked up that I am a vegetarian really fast and mentions when something I order has meat or eggs in it.

Atmosphere: The decor is nice and new. It's not distracting or anoying.

Value: For under $10 I get enough food for the evening and if I can stop myself from eating it all, I have enough for lunch the next day.
28th-Jun-2009 11:00 pm (UTC)
i like this!
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