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Grand Rapids Dining
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Grand Rapids Dining is a community for everyday folks to share their dining experiences in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the greater Grand Rapids Area. Everyone has their favorite little shoppe or bistro they like to visit, so share it with us. Had a bad experience you don't want to wish on anyone else? Share it with us.

Please follow our guidelines for submitting restaurant locations and reviews.


Posts are only to include factual restaurant information. Your post must include the following information:

Restaurant Name (In the title as well as in the post)
Phone Number

Optional information can include hours of operations, range of prices, etc but do not include personal opinions here.

You must use tags to help catagorize the restaurant for searches. The tags currently defined are: african, american, asian, bar, barbeque, bistro, breakfast, buffet, cafe, caribbean, casual dining, chinese, curbside service, delicatessen, delivery, ethiopian, european, family dining, fast food, fine dining, french, fusion, greek, grill, indian, italian, japanese, jewish, korean, kosher, mediterranean, mexican, middle eastern, non-smoking, pizza, salad bar, scandinavian, seafood, smoking, south american, spanish, steakhouse, sushi, take-out, tapas, tavern, vegan, vegetarian. If you have any suggestions for new tags, contact the mods.

Post this information then return and submit your review as a comment. This way, everyone can write a review per restraunt post made.


Post a comment underneath the Restaurant you wish to review. Please be sure to cover these four basic review criteria:

Food: Varied Menu, Good Taste, Menu Item Availability, Menu Recommendations, etc.

Service: Attentive Wait Staff, Friendly Employees, etc.

Atmosphere: Clean, Decorations, Ambiance, etc.

Value: Adequate Portions for price, Quality of Food for price, etc.

Your opinions may be expressed here. Please refrain from useless name calling and establishment bashing. If you cannot back your complaints up with concrete evidence, then keep your mouth shut. We are not here to slander a good establishment.

Please only post restaurant locations and review comments. Any other posts will be deleted if they are off topic or do not include enough/helpful information.